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Since 1994, we have been crafting top-quality fake IDs, earning us the title of the only genuine provider of novelty IDs - IDGod. Our website is a one-stop shop for anyone searching for trustworthy and secure fake IDs. Our streamlined process allows you to add multiple security features to your ID, ensuring that it passes backlight tests and features working holograms, among other things. Payment is simple and can be made through a platform of your choice, while secure shipping ensures anonymous delivery anywhere in the world. At IDGod, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate platform for fake IDs, so feel free to shop with us anytime!

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Ready for the ultimate fake ID experience? Look no further than IDGod! Our flawless designs, top-of-the-line printing materials, and advanced security features make our IDs stand out from the rest. Plus, our competitive prices make it accessible for everyone. But that's not all - our speedy delivery ensures your order will arrive in no time, complete with a free tracking number and a backup copy in case of mishaps. These IDs are not just for show - they're dependable for all your day-to-day needs and can even save you from sticky situations with their expertly crafted design that can easily pass backlight tests

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How we do it

At IDGod, our approach to creating and designing fake IDs is simple and efficient. We prioritize speed and quality, and all we require from you is a high-quality digital photo of the ID owner against a colored wall or suitable backdrop. For best results, we recommend wearing darker clothing to provide contrast against the background, bringing out your facial features. Before taking the photo, please ensure your face is clean and your hair is neatly groomed. The photo should be passport-sized to ensure easy transfer onto the fake ID. If you're ordering for multiple individuals, each person should follow the same process. We take care of the design, materials, and security features, and once everything is ready, we create and print your fake ID. Finally, we carefully package and ship it to the address you specify

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how to pay for your novelty id

How to pay

To ensure the confidentiality of our fake ID services, we offer anonymous payment options that guarantee the security of both our clients and our company. Although we may need to collect certain information to create your fake ID, rest assured that all data is kept safe, confidential, and private in our hands. To make a payment, you can choose from various options such as mail cash, bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and others. Our fake IDs are of high quality and reasonably priced, offering excellent value for your investment. You can visit the IDGod fake ID website products page to explore special offers.

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How Fake IDs look

Examine the appearance of top-notch fake IDs offered exclusively on the IDGod website. Our superior quality surpasses all others. Secure your premium fake ID today from the official ID God website

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Using your ID


Identification is essential for any event or gathering. Carrying a legitimate form of ID can save you a great deal of hassle. A verified and authentic ID card is mandatory for admission to a party at a club. Moreover, drinking with friends or college peers necessitates proof of legal drinking age. Owning a fake ID can offer opportunities otherwise unavailable, but not every fake ID can guarantee access. Only high-quality IDs can pass all government-based tests, including visual and backlight tests and security measures such as holograms and text. If you require government-based services, a legitimate-looking ID card is mandatory. IDGod is the perfect online platform for generating a functional ID card. The site is reputable and features the highest quality and secure fake IDs. The IDs are equipped with several security features and match regular legal IDs in every way. Furthermore, the platform is anonymous, ensuring privacy and security


Legallity of ID


Worried about the legality of getting a fake ID? Don't be! At our fake ID website, we take your privacy and security seriously. That's why we only use trusted shipping services for all transactions and communication. Your anonymity is our top priority, so you can trust us to keep your online orders, purchases, and shared information completely confidential. Plus, with multiple secure payment options and our anonymous shipping policy, you can rest easy knowing your identity will stay safe. Say goodbye to any potential legal troubles with our foolproof measures in place.

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What to do?

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Feeling FOMO whenever your friends head to the bar because you're under 21? It sucks to watch from the sidelines while everyone else is living it up. And let's not even get started on the stress of losing your ID and being stranded without access to travel or services. But fear not; we've got the perfect solution - a fake ID. But don't trust just anyone; make the smart choice and rely on IDGod's top-notch fake ID website for the ultimate ID experience. Don't miss out on any more fun - snag your flawless fake ID today!

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