How To Pay for your Fake ID

How to pay for your fake id

This are only a few of the accepted payment methods. For some payment types you will receive instructions by email, so be sure to check your inbox.

How to pay for premium fake ID

Paying for a premium fake id is similar to purchasing any other product online. You can use various online payments, including debit, credit, visa, or MasterCard. Giftpay with giftpay and Bitcoin Or litecoin So, do you give up on your dream of owning and using a fake id? No, you don’t. Instead, you use the available payment means from These methods are convenient, but they are also fast, secure, and of a varied range. They include:


Cryptocurrency is the new norm regarding online payments. It is a payment platform that requires no cash input and, thus, leaves no trace. It has made it easier to make purchases for different items online. All you need is to own an account with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, or any other digital coins on the cryptocurrency market.  Since online shopping is a private affair, using bitcoin keeps it anonymous. You can connect to any other account and make payments safely and securely—no financial data leaks to any third parties from the transaction. Using cryptocurrencies on ensures your security. You can use Bitcoin to complete your daily transaction and pay for your order on The process is easy as it involves depositing coins into the right account.


Getting a premium fake id is an easy process. However, it becomes quite challenging regarding payment platforms. Since it is essential for clients to retain their privacy, provides payment platforms that are safe and secure. Plus, the venues vary, giving potential customers a variety and ensuring convenience and customer satisfaction with fast services.